Word of the week: palimpsest /ˈpalimpˌsest/ (hear it!) - noun : 1) writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased; 2) something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface. - (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Indie Author of the Month: Please Come Meet . . . Court Ellyn

Back in July of 2012, I had the distinct pleasure of reading one of the best indie published fantasy novels I've ever come across. So good, in fact, I had to keep reminding myself it was indeed indie published—very well written with engaging scenes and extremely well developed characters. I was engrossed.

I would like you to meet this wonderful indie author as she tells you a little about herself and introduces her past and current stories, and I deeply implore you to support her as she strives to bring her excellent tales to the forefront of an ever-growing readership.

* * * 
*tap tap* Is thing on?

Hi, I’m Court Ellyn and I write fantasy stories. That’s not to say I’m only interested in adventure, heroes rippling with muscles, and wizards flinging fireballs. Those things are fun, don’t get me wrong, but if there’s no meat to a story, these things are meaningless. They’re like eating icing without cake, gravy without potatoes, ketchup without fries. Blech.

I guess I started writing fantasy when I was in college because I lived in small, quiet, conservative southern towns all my life and never got into trouble, so I needed the adventure. Who can say why a girl prefers swords to lipstick and books to chasing boys? Meh. Then enters the philosopher side of Court Ellyn who loves to dive down into the deepest part of human existence and explore our darkest emotions and motives. Now, that’s the cake, the mashed potato, the pommes frites, the part that provides the palimpsest of substance to my stories. I guess I have the same philosophy when cooking. If the mashed potatoes need the gravy to be edible, then they aren’t good enough. Add something else.

So what kinds of things are we talking about here? A prison warden who desperately wants to believe that her prisoners are capable of rehabilitation. A womanizing knight who destroys his twin brother’s chance at happiness. A priestess tortured by broken faith. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these stories published in magazines such as Kaleidotrope and Silver Blade, and most recently in Explorers: Beyond the Horizon, an anthology by Dead Robots’ Society. But I’m most excited about my novels. Blood of the Falcon was released last May and has done surprisingly well at Amazon. It always feels amazing when complete strangers enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Means you seasoned things right.

Samples of all my published work are available on my website:

Court Ellyn, Blood of the Falcon
Blood of the Falcon - Vol. I
Kimberly's end note: Having been trained to evaluate manuscripts for possible publication, I could clearly see the time and effort Court Ellyn had put into her project, Blood of the Falcon (vols. I and II), to make it shine; a pure gem for her readership, nothing less than her best work in structure, plot and character development, and mechanics.

And this is something I look for as I begin to support other indie authors in their self publishing endeavors through my indie press site, Imagination Ether Press. Word of mouth is strong, and a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member can quickly grow into a far-reaching web of: “Hey, you absolutely have to read this!”

So, that said, I do highly recommend reading Court Ellyn's work. Believe me, I'll certainly be one of the first in line to buy the sequel to The Blood of the Falcon as soon as it's available, as I miss the characters and the world.

I wait with bated breath.



  1. Another nice one, Kim! You should be a writer! Hahahaha, oh write, you are! And a good one to boot. :-) We are all waiting with bated breath on your stuff here too.

    1. LOL! Oh, pfft, my stuff will be out soon enough, Lucy. Let's revel in some others for a moment first. :D Thank you very much for your comment. Great to see you've dropped by. :)

  2. I love your words of the day. I need to start using them in everyday conversations! It'll make ms sound smarter!

    1. Hi, Robert! :D Many of my "Words of the Week" (except for the interview ones) are just my sneaky way (shh. . .) to acclimate people to the various semi-uncommon words I use throughout my dark fantasy novel. Many words people know already, but some they don't. I love words and I love to share, so . . . :D Thanks for stopping by!