Gods of Anthem. . . .

Gods. Of. Anthem.

Oceans apart, a young musician and a “special” soldier embark on a perilous journey for home fueled by the unyielding pursuit of freedom from the Authority.

Sixteen-year-old prodigy, Liza Randusky, waits imprisoned, blamed for the undead plague that’s slowly destroying the planet. Banished to an island where she’ll never play her beloved piano again, Liza’s steadfast sense of justice and passion for music may have the power to change her destiny. But will it be enough...

To strike back at the new world order, the troubled son of a preacher, Thomas Ripley-Hatter, suffers unspeakable alterations by the Underground to join a secret Army. Tommy knows that all hope lies in human-weapons like himself, and that somehow he must cling to his sanity…while letting loose the monster to win.

The battle begins for the last-standing sliver of humanity: Anthem.

*  *  *
Wow. What a most excellent ride it's been with one my most wonderful editing clients!

In lieu of an interview with Ms. Keys (which I'll most likely post up at a later date), I'd like to take a moment to shout out about her accomplishment.
Recently, over several months, I had the opportunity to work with indie author Logan Keys and to watch the blossoming progression of her (now very talked about) book, Gods of Anthem - from one of its earlier rough draft forms to a polished and published novel; witnessed the storyline develop and deepen, and the characters take shape and take on lives of their own.

And believe me, both the project the author were an absolute delight to work with, every step of the way.

Evaluation. Content. Line editing. Proofreading. . . . This novel has gone through such incredible growth side by side with its creator, and has garnered some much-deserved praise and admiration from so many people . . .

In fact, here . . . come, see what people have written about Gods of Anthem. No, really. Come. Look. At Goodreads.

Not to mention, Gods of Anthem had been chosen to be read as part of the school curriculum at Anoka-Hennepin Schools. Truly an impressive feat! . . . and it'd been selected for this, before it'd even been released!

What can I say . . . ? 

Well, how about: I am so extremely proud of the wonderful Ms. Keys and what she has accomplished, and tremendously honored to have taken part in helping her polish up her project into a full-fledged novel.

I sincerely wish her every success with her novels and beyond.


  1. Kim thank you so much for this! I never commented on here (though you know I shared on FB) But thank you so much. I never can say it enough it wouldn't have happened without you!