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Indie Author of the Month – Come Meet . . . Sunniva Dee!

Just this past year, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting who I honestly believe has to be, hands down, without a doubt, the most bubbly author—ever. Seriously. Her effervescent presence on the internet is so wonderfully contagious (I always picture her smiling every time I FB chat with her!), not to mention, she has an admirable (and very enviable!) talent for spinning new adult tales that draw readers in and engage them so well, they simply don’t let go until the very last word. And even then, her characters and their story events linger in your mind. . . . You just want more! Her books never fail to satisfy . . . if you catch my double meaning there!

I was truly honored to work with her, proofreading her latest indie release, Pandora Wild Child, and I look forward to working with her again. Indeed, she’s another talented gem of an author more people ought to discover, read, and support!

So please, without further ado, allow me to introduce the wonderful . . . Sunniva Dee!

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Hi there! 

new adult author My name is Sunniva Dee. I’m an author and a reader. The reader part being the trigger to my authorship. As a writer, my mission is to create what I love to read: stories as unpredictable as the future itself, multifaceted characters whom readers will love, hate, and maybe want to strangle at the same time. I’m big on humor, especially of the dry, off-the-wall sort, so I hope to make you laugh in the midst of the hot sex and drama concocted by my characters. As different as my books might sound, they’re traditional in one way: I’m not satisfied until my readers wear a happy wobbly-smile in my last chapter. Pure, bliss-filled HEAs are my thing—and cliffhangers are not…. For now. ;-)

New Adult Romance 
I am so excited to be here on Kim’s blog today. Kim is my girl, an author friend and a great editor. She worked on my latest release, PANDORA WILD CHILD, a back-to-the-roots New Adult romance, where all that can go wrong—and wonderfully well—happens during my main character’s first year in college. Ooooh yes, see—


—is when all mistakes are made. It’s where you live life to the max, screw up, have the time of your existence, and yet you wake up morning after morning regretting half of what you said and did last night. At least that’s what it’s like for my wild child. Some readers recognize themselves in Pandora, while others tell me their goody-two-shoes selves live vicariously through her. She’s charming, impulsive, and passionate—a witches’ brew that creates chaos. Below is a taste of the situations she puts herself in.

Ah, I’m prattling on and on about my “newborn,” here. Let me slip in the tiniest bit about myself before I tell you about my other books. I’m originally from Norway, and English is my second, actually third, language (after Norwegian and Spanish). I moved to the United States a decade ago, and my day job is to be an adviser for graduate students at an art college in Savannah, Georgia. 

New Adult 

My first book, SHATTERING HALOS, is a New Adult Paranormal, an Amazon bestseller 5 weeks in a row back in February 2014 when it was first released. In it, you can enjoy hot angel-men and stupid/endearing college girls who don’t take “no” for an answer.

New AdultIn two weeks, on November 21st, Shattering Halos’ companion novel, STARGAZER, will be released. This book is more daring… in every sense of the word. I almost lost my publisher on this one, because it’s a bit on the edgy side. You can find it up for pre-order on most sites already, including Amazon. Then, last but not least, my very latest baby, LEON’S WAY. This is the companion novel to PANDORA WILD CHILD, which I hope will be published December 19th. I just finished the first round of edits, and I don’t even have it up on Goodreads yet for you to add to your TBR lists. I hope to blow you away with this one on… so many levels. *crosses fingers*

Wow. I did prattle, there, for a minute. Finally, let me stress how much I love friends. On Facebook, on Twitter, on Goodreads, and on Pinterest. I’m on Spotify if you’re interested in the playlists for my books as well, and I’m trying hard to figure out how to use Instagram. I hope to see you on these media—for now, my quotas still allow me to accept even friend requests.

As far as upcoming novels go: I have several in my head. They’re rattling the bars to barge free. I’m expecting to publish 2-3 novels in 2015, and I have a non-spammy new-releases-only newsletter to let my readers be the first in the know. This is where you sign up:

New and old friends: don’t forget to message me once you’ve read one of my books. I love, love, love your feedbacks—even the bad ones.

My books should be on most sites, but to find them all in one place, check out my Amazon author page:

Kim: again, thank you for having me today!!!


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And thank you, Sunniva, for being my indie author of the month! :D

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