Whee! Fun With Acrostics!

To tell, or not to tell. How exactly is that a question? Even the least-trained eyes can see, as it stands, that that’s merely a statement to reflect the (quite possibly) wishy-wash-ostiy of this writer’s mind.

Does that mean it couldn’t hold some hidden meaning? Really . . . not. And I’ll show you why. Whereas many blog posts are usually straightforward and make complete sense. I have chosen not to this time—make sense, I mean (and yes, that random sentence cut off was intentional). Not because I want to be cute or funny or silly or icky or even yummy, but because I want to be a pain in the arse and make you think. Green!

Very often I have the word of the week. Only this time, no. I’ve left it off for many reasons, all of which I won’t tell you. Completely because I want to be a noodge. Ever so much, yes.

Right. Eden*? Lemme show you what I’m talking about. Eden’s mind is completely out of synch. As is this blog post. So, as you read it, see if you can discover what I’m trying to tell you through some clever acrostics and distracting prose. Eeek!

Do you get it now? Aha! True enough, that was a question. End sentence.

I’ve also (hint!**) chosen this date (hint!***) as yet another (hint!****) to what I might be (hinting!) at. See . . . (hint!*****)

Many of you by now have probably spat at your computer screen in disgust. Angrily. Riters! Come on, why don’t they ever make a whit of sense?! Ha—or spell correctly!

True though it may be (not!), I’ve left you with a frustrating riddle to puzzle out enigmatically. Har-dee-har-harr! Is it easy? Really, that depends on what “it” is. Truly, things will soon change at The Ether of my Imagination, yes. Every 13th. Every month. New post. To tell, or not to tell. How exactly is that a question?

* * *
*Eden is Marisa’s crazy mother in my dark fantasy novel, The Perfect Player. She’ll have her own book soon.

**Think “acrostics.”

***Look up “acrostics”

****Fine, here’s a link to “acrostics.”

*****Rrrugh! All right! Here’s the answer!