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Indie Author of the Month: Come Meet . . . Glen Solosky

Back when I was the acquisitions editor for a small publishing company, I was given the absolute pleasure of line editing a young adult novel written by author Glen Solosky, a project then under contract and in the pre-publication stages of polish-and-shine . . . and what a tale to behold!

The Abominable Sruvius is a delightful story for both kids and adults. Storyline, characters, setting—all are fascinating and unique, interwoven with themes of courage, understanding and acceptance, supportive friendships, and pure ingenuity, all of which made me smile, genuinely proud of the characters.

But alas! Before the novel could be released, the small publisher went under, calling a halt to all projects. Fortunately for us, however, Mr. Solosky chose to go indie! (For now, at least.) Most definitely a good decision, methinks; the story deserves some decent spotlight and praise, and the author needs our support for braving those choppy “indie waters.”

And he's a fantastic artist. See? (Yes, he created his own cover.)

Besides, both my son and I currently lie in wait—eagerly, mind you!—for the release of his sequel (mentioned below in his interview).

So, please, allow me to present here at The Ether of my Imagination . . . Mr. Glen Solosky! 

* * *
Hello. I’m Glen Solosky. Besides being a writer, I’m an artist, designer, and illustrator. Being an artist comes in handy when writing in the fantasy and science fiction genres. I do a lot of doodling to get things clear in my mind before I start writing about them. The pages of my sketchbooks are filled with dozens of drawings of the characters and strange creatures that appear in my novel The Abominable Sruvius. By the time I first wrote about Ravma Sruvius, I had looked into his scheming, bloodshot eyes so often I already knew the depths of his soul. (Yeah, I know. That’s a bit creepy.)

Another perk is that I don’t have to hire an artist for the cover or illustrations. And there’s no misinterpretation in how the characters should look. When my readers see King Yonchobar and Sruvius on the cover, it’s exactly how I imagined them.

Years ago I worked as an artist for a now-defunct comic book publisher. (You can see some of my comic samples on my portfolio at I had originally thought of offering them The Abominable Sruvius as a comic book series, but the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced it should be made into a novel. The imagination does a much better job at creating a fantasy world than can be inked in the panels of a comic book. I think I made the right decision.

So what’s next? There’s a sequel in the works, The Sruvian Templex, which leans much further toward science fiction than fantasy. After that I think I’ll try my hand at hard science fiction. Just don’t expect any abstruse literary works. I’m not sesquipedalian in the least.

You can learn more about The Abominable Sruvius at

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The Abominable Sruvius is available for Kindle at Amazon. com.
Please, support this indie author. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Sounds like a good story:) I'm glad he was able to find a publisher!

    1. It IS a good story. Very good. And he had a publisher, until the publisher went under, which is sad. But I'm glad he chose to indie publish for the time being. :) And yay! so people are able to see this post. Excellent!

      Thanks for dropping by, Robert! :)

  2. I hope he sell great numbers of his book(s), because if you've gone about your work the way he did you deserve it.
    Nice post!

  3. The best of luck with your book, Glen. :) And good of you to do this for Glen, Kimberly.

    Oh and you're a talented artist to be sure, Glen. :) Wish I had that talent. Best I can is find a photo and stick it on a background with some word art. *shrugs*